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Enthusiastic about computing, I have a robust background in Executive Management Engineering. My exploration into the realm of Computer Science during my academic journey ignited a fervor for programming and web design. Presently, I excel as an independent developer, channeling my expertise to elevate the digital footprint of local photographers and musicians. Committed to ongoing learning and keeping pace with industry dynamics, my dedication centers on evolving as a skilled full-stack website developer.

Work history

Web Developer | Self-employed (

   Cardiff, January 2015 – Current

  • Developed and maintained various websites, including the self-established online shop ( and (
  • Utilized my skills in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, along with hands-on experience in databases such as MySql, jQuery, JSON, and Ajax, to implement feature-rich and interactive websites.
  • Demonstrated entrepreneurial skills by successfully managing side businesses and leveraging coding knowledge for effective web solutions.
  • Collaborated with clients to gather requirements, translate ideas into technical specifications, and delivered customized web solutions tailored to their specific needs.
  • Employed innovative coding techniques, such as utilizing advanced PHP functionalities and implementing cutting-edge JavaScript frameworks, to create interactive and feature-rich websites.

Web Developer | Oasis Cardiff (

   Cardiff, February 2020 – February 2021

  • Contributing to web development initiatives.
  • Collaborated with staff to enhance the organization’s web presence.
  • Applied programming expertise, utilizing PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Musician | Welsh National Opera (

   Cardiff, March 2020 – October 2023 

  • Employed as a Setar Player, specializing in the Iranian traditional instrument.
  • Composed and produced music using Adobe Audition.
  • Contributed to stage planning and attended rehearsals for performances.
  • Showcased versatile skills in classic, pop, and traditional instruments.

Advertising Executive | Saniyeh Pardazan ( & & …)

   Shiraz, Iran, January 2017 – march 2020

  • Supported companies, including Abughadare FC, Mana Studio, Boof Photo Studio, and Karshiv international design company, in improving operations and customer service.
  • Implemented successful marketing strategies resulting in over 25% growth in customer base.
  • Created multimedia presentations and monitored databases for inventory management.

Manager | Self-employed ( &

   Persian Gulf Complex, Shiraz, Iran, Fars, January 2017 – March 2019

  • Successfully managed various responsibilities, including CRM, web design, online sales, buy and sell, and accounting.
  • Implemented innovative online sales strategies, leveraging e-commerce platforms and optimizing product listings to drive revenue growth.
  • Spearheaded digital marketing campaigns, utilizing web analytics and SEO strategies to enhance online visibility and attract a broader audience.

Website Manager and Online CRM | Sabalan Stone Industries (

   Shiraz, Iran, September 2015 – December 2016

  • Orchestrated the management of the company’s website, ensuring a user-friendly interface and optimal online experience for visitors.
  • Implemented and maintained an Online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, fostering effective communication and engagement with customers navigating the website.
  • Streamlined interactions with online customers, enhancing their journey on the website and addressing inquiries or concerns promptly.
  • Played a pivotal role in optimizing the online platform to attract and retain customers, ultimately supporting the company’s growth and objectives.

Human Resources Administrator | TSP (

   Industrial Park, Shiraz, Iran, October 2014 – September 2015

  • Utilized my web development skills to create a user-friendly and efficient platform for HR documentation, including new hire letters, contracts, and corporate policies.
  • Designed and implemented a simple yet effective website that expedited the onboarding processes for new employees, providing online access for a quicker and more streamlined experience.
  • Leveraged web knowledge to optimize the HR database, ensuring seamless management of employee records and enhancing overall efficiency in onboarding procedures.


Master of Business Administration in Marketing
  Azad University
  Shiraz|Jan 2017
Bachelor of Executive management engineering – with a major in computer science
  Payame Noor University
  Shiraz|Sep 2012


  • Playing music: I enjoy playing Setar in my free times.
  • Video Games: As a hobby, I engage in video gaming.
  • Watching Football: I am an avid football enthusiast, following matches and staying updated on the latest events in the football world.

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